About Us

Digitalization of the Institute’s scholarly productions within the project “Half a Century of the Institute for Contemporary History: Digitalization of Scholarly Production and Internet Platform Development” protects its heritage and makes it readily available to professional and wider audience. This project is headed by dr Ljubinka Škodrić and conducted by the ICH associates dr Rade Ristanović and dr Nikola Mijatov, as well as doctoral candidates Nemanja Dević, Neboša Stambolija, Boris Tomanić, Miloš Žikić, Marko Miletić, Nemanja Mitrović and Ilija Kukobat.

Digital Center of the Institute for Contemporary History was formed in 2018 to provide an up-to-date protection of our historical heritage and facilitate access to research results both for professional publics and wider audiences by digitizing our collections and making them available to the public through our Repository (RISI), Portal (PISI) and Collections (KISI). The work of the Center is coordinated by dr Vladimir Petrović.


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